The Helper Documentary chronicles diverse stories from Hong Kong’s domestic worker community, uncovering the inspiring combination of grit, pride and determination that drives them.

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In a city renowned for wealth and luxury, The Helper Documentary brings to light the sacrifices they make to support families - both in Hong Kong and at home. Often seen as the second mother in many homes, the stories show the immense contribution they make to Hong Kong society; a domestic backbone provided to so many. This is in the face of heart-breaking separation from their loved ones. Each feel wrenched from families, often missing crucial stages in their children’s lives, but do so willingly in order to financially provide for them. Yet these contributions regularly feel under-recognised, and the constraints suffered by many leave them feeling exposed, and sometimes even homeless. False accusations, relationships and financial hardship often means they struggle for a fair hearing. But the overriding message is a positive one. The Helper gives a human face to an often-critiqued community, countering negativity with uplifting stories of personal achievement. Director, Joanna Bowers says, "These are real people with real stories; not just domestic helpers. They are women, wives and mothers, confronting the perceived negativity and their own doubts to achieve the extraordinary, thanks to the supportive nature of the community itself - and those around it."

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The Helper Documentary is currently in post-production. Here was our very first trailer created for our Kickstarter campaign.